At Rootex, we are Australia’s leading provider and installer of wall protection. We provide a range of innovative wall protection systems and coverings with a selection of products to prevent damage and wear and tear while offering safety, durability, and protection to your walls. We have a wide range of designs available with something to suit any building’s style and have solutions for the walls of many interiors and environments, from nursing homes and hospitals to hotels and schools.

Wall Protection Range

Our range of wall protectors and panels is selected to suit the many needs of your wall coverings.

What are Wall Protection Panels?

Wall protection plays a vital role in completing your new wall installation. It will protect your wall surface from scuff marks from chairs and the impact from doors while preventing general damage from daily activity. Over time, wall protection lowers maintenance costs for building owners and creates a safer and more flexible interior.

Wall protection provides a guard along your wall or corners, consisting of guard rails, bump rails, corner guards, lengths of the panel, handrail, and other panels to protect your walls from impact. Wall protection can be made from various materials, including stainless steel and PVC. It can be installed along any wall, on a building’s interior or exterior.

Every building and situation is different and has unique requirements, so we pride ourselves on finding the right solution for you and your business. With that in mind, wall protection is available with many different features to account for different walls and the possible impact on the wall coverings. Our products are high quality and hand-selected to provide the best protection for your wall coverings and paint jobs, from scuff marks, a slammed door or a door hitting the wall, plus other mishaps, and scratches.

The importance of hygiene has never been more relevant than it has in the last few years. Whether you work in a hospital, aged care facility or any establishment dealing with the public, hygiene is paramount. We supply antibacterial wall protection that is easy to clean and will keep you and your residents safe.

How to Decide Between Wall Protection Texture, Thickness, Colour, and Design

Just because wall protection has a functional purpose doesn’t mean it has to look drab. Our products come in various colours and designs so we can match your existing colour scheme. With Deco prints, we can even print an image or design onto your wall panel; a popular choice for waiting rooms in dentists, day cares, and many other locations.

Each situation will have different needs, so for the best idea of the ideal wall protection option for you, get in touch with our team today!

children room wall protector

How Do Wall Protection Sheets Benefit your Business?


No one intends to damage their walls, but accidents can happen no matter how careful you are. Unfortunately, it only takes a second of misjudgement to cause serious damage to your walls. Wall protection supplies an extra barrier to prevent surface scratches, dents and scuff marks caused by chairs, wheelchairs, and general everyday impact. Repairing wall damage can be surprisingly time-consuming and expensive, so it’ll only take a few prevented accidents for your new wall protection to start paying for itself.

What Commercial Industries Benefit the Most from Protective Wall Coverings?

A wide range of businesses can benefit from protective wall covering, including:

  • Hospitals

Hospitals are hectic areas that supply a vital service to the community. With the critical work being done, the last thing you want to spend time worrying about it is your walls being damaged. Protective wall coverings will help prevent damage, and with our antibacterial materials, you can be assured your establishment will stay hygienic and safe.

  • Clinics

Whether you’re running a doctor’s office or an aged care facility, wall protectors will not only guard your walls against equipment and accidents, but they can also create a welcoming, calming atmosphere for visitors, patients, and staff.

  • Schools

Kids are full of energy and are often accident-prone, especially in large numbers. Whether you work at a kindergarten or a high school, wall protection will pay for itself in no time, saving you from spending valuable funds on repairs.

  • Gyms

Your customers are here to break a sweat, and with all that heavy equipment, it’s not hard to imagine accidents happening, with even a small bump from some weights potentially scuffing your wall. Wall protection will give you peace of mind and save you money in the long run.

  • Business Offices

Whether you often have clients coming to your establishment or you just accommodate employees, protective wall coverings are a sound investment for your business. Something as simple as an office chair hitting a wall too hard can cause harm to your property.

The Importance of Wall Protection and Corner Guards for Full Wall Coverage

wall and door protection in waiting room

Wall corners are the most vulnerable part of a wall for impact and potential damage, making it so easy to misjudge a turn. This can result in damage to both the wall and whatever hits it. Corner guards are explicitly designed to protect your wall corners and can work perfectly with your wall protection sheets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wall protectors can be made from a range of materials, so here is a brief run down of the most common:

  • Vinyl

Vinyl is synthetic plastic made from two main substances: Salt and Crude Oil, and it is widely used for various products, including wall protectors.

  • Acrovyn

Acrovyn is PETG plastic (a food-safe material often used in beverage bottles and food containers) and a branded product most associated with wall protectors and similar products.

  • PVC

PVC is one of the world’s most-produced forms of plastic and is used in a wide range of products, including hospital supplies, home furnishing, children’s toys, and wall protection. PVC has two primary forms: rigid and flexible.

Some of the advantages of PVC over other materials include

  1. More affordable
  2. Density – PVC is denser than most plastics
  3. Hardness – PVC ranks highly for its hardness and durability
  4. Strength – PVC can handle impact better than other plastics

The two factors that lead to mould are moisture and organic materials. PVC is waterproof and very resistant to mould, especially when compared to materials like wood. Organic materials like dirt can become lodged in your PVC and attract mould; however, cleaning should prevent this problem.

PVC is resilient to germs and cleaning products; therefore, the colour or integrity of your wall protectors will remain even after many cleans.

Due to their anti-bacterial qualities and easy-to-clean nature, all you’ll need to clean our wall protectors is a soft cloth, warm water and washing up liquid or a non-abrasive cleaner. We don’t recommend using bleach or chemical cleaners, as they can cause toxic fumes in enclosed spaces and potentially damage the finish on wall panels.

To clean a wall protector, simply cover the surface with warm water and your product of choice, using a soft cloth to help. Once you’ve cleaned the protector, rinse with some clean, warm water. Finally, dry the area with a dry microfibre cloth to avoid streaking.

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