An essential for your walls

We are the Australian leader in wall protection, providing you with innovative wall protection systems and coverings, with a selection of products to prevent damage and wear and tear, while offering safety, durability, and protection to your walls.  We have a wide range of designs available that will suit the styles of your building and have solutions for the walls of many interiors and environments from nursing homes and hospitals to hotels and schools.

Wall protection is an essential component to complete your new wall installation. Wall protection protects your wall surface from scuff marks from chairs, the impact from doors, and prevents general damage from day to day activity. In the long run, wall protection lowers the maintenance costs for building owners and provides safety and flexibility of use to the interior.

Wall protection provides a guard along your wall or corners, consisting of guard rails, bump rails, corner guards, lengths of panel, hand rail, and other panels to protect your walls from impact. Wall protection can be made from a selection of many materials such as stainless steel and PVC and installed along any wall, on the interior or exterior of the buildings façade.

Wall protection can come with many different features to account for different walls and the expected impact on the wall coverings. Our products are high quality and are hand-selected to provide the best protection for your wall coverings, and paint jobs, from scuff marks, a slammed door or a door hitting the wall, plus other mishaps and scratches.

Our Range of Wall Protectors and Panels

Our wide range of products is selected to suit the many needs of your wall coverings, these products include



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Wall protection is essential to complete the look, practicality, and durability of your new installation. Wall protection is a short term investment for long term gain, as our range of products promises to wipe easily, stand the test of time, look great, and most importantly – provide protection to your walls and door ways.

To complete the look and functionality of your new space – give us a phone call on 0400 660 671 or email Callum at callum_rootex@bigpond.com. We would love to discuss our wide range of wall protection products with you and to get the ball rolling on installing your new protectors for the walls.


To complete the look and functionality of your space – give us a phone call on 0400 660 671 or submit the form below