Style and functionality combined

Door protection and wall protection are an important addition to bring style, clarity, functionality and safety to your space. Door protection lowers future maintenance costs, prevents scuffs and marks, lengthens the life expectancy of your door, surrounding wall, and the frames, and brings purpose to your doors. Choosing the right door protection can make your door frames and doors impact resistant, and kick plates, wall protection and corner guards are an essential addition to bring protection from damage in high traffic areas.

Door protection can bring clarity and cohesion to space through:

  • Inlayed signage
  • Half or full door art work
  • Kick plates with specific designs

The installation of inlayed signage on the door or wall space can incorporate details such as a phone number, email address or room number, and panels can be cut to size to cover a range of the doors and walls with graphics or designs. We have hand selected a range of products to bring the best protection to your corners, door frame and doors from damage, made with the highest quality antibacterial and fire-rated PVC. Our door protection can be installed on a wide range of doors, from stainless steel to wood, and can be customised to protect the door frame and space around the door.

Our range of products are highly customisable and can be made to suit your unique space, where no two doors are the same, or our team of experienced professionals can recommend the best protection for your space.

Our range of door protectors


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