Wall crash rails for ultimate protection

Our range of crash rails offer superior wall protection and safety for your wall from high impact. Essential in areas with high traffic, wall guards bring durability and protection to your space, while looking great and providing an extra sense of stability for the user. We have bump rails to suit a range of businesses from hotel rooms to hospital beds, and we can confidently fit out your building with the highest quality bump rails Australia wide. Our bump rails are the perfect addition to your corner guards, wall guards and door protection, and have many possible applications.

Installing a bump rail provides the highest level of care for your building, protecting each wall from damage and the high impact of day to day activity. A bump rail is the perfect solution, and we have options to scale the length of your corridor walls and the width of your space.

Our product line for bump rails has been selected to provide you with choice for many applications and solutions for your business.


These strong rails bring you the perfect combo of strong resistance and style. These rails have a choice of depth of 60mm, 120mm or 200mm, and traverse a length of 4m, with 3mm thick fire-rated and antibacterial PVC, and have an option aluminium bracket for added strength, and 90 degree brackets for flexibility. This series comes in 31 standard solid colours for the 200 and 120 series, and in 5 colours for the Impact 60. The surface finish is smooth with decorative grooves, and this style is a very popular choice for hospitals and schools.

Model: Impact 200/120 or 60 wall protection rails
  • Section depth: 200/120 or 60 mm
  • Projection: 30 mm
  • Length: 4 m
  • Material: 3 mm thick PVC, antibacterial and Bs2d0 fire-rated, solid colour
  • Surface finish: smooth with decorative grooves
  • Fixing components: aluminium brackets (optional: continuous aluminium core)
  • Colours: 31 standard for Impact 200 and 120,
    and 5 for Impact 60


True to its name – the Combo Punch offers ultimate safety along the width of your space. The Combo Punch protects your wall from wheeled equipment such as hospital beds, trolleys and wheelchairs, and is used commonly in corridors and storage rooms. This rail can be cut to size, and is available in 32 standard colours, and made with a strong combination of aluminium and lightly textured antibacterial and fire-rated PVC.

Model: Decochoc protection and covering panel
  • Standard panel dimensions: 3 m x 1.30 m
  • Custom options: cutting to size, bends into L/U thermoformings, chamfers
  • Thickness: 2 mm
  • Material: Antibacterial and Bs2d0 fire-rated PVC, solid colour
  • Surface finish: lightly textured
  • Fixing: adhesive bonding with Gerflor acrylic glue. Joints between panels are made using silicone joints or PVC weld joints. Colour matched to the range
  • Colours: 32 standard


This product is a strong length of contact that absorbs impact and looks great on your wall, covering a width of up to 4m. Perfect to spread across the width of your waiting room or seating area, this crash rail is made for heavy impact and easy cleaning with its smooth wipeable surface and dust resistant design. Contact is a pre-adhesive and attaches to any surface from powder coated walls to stainless steel. With up to 31 standard colour options available, these products have an option to suit any space.

Model: Contact 350 and 200 protection plates with adhesive tape
  • Section depth: 350 or 200 mm
  • Thickness: Contact 350 and 200: 2.5 mm midsection, 2 mm at edges
  • Length: 4 m
  • Material: Antibacterial and Bs2d0 fire-rated PVC, solid colour
  • Surface finish: smooth with decorative grooves
  • Fixing: adhesive foam strips reinforced with Gerflor universal mastic glue
  • Colours: 31 standard for Contact 200 and 15 for Contact 350


The Bed kit fix system is a bumprail made to absorb knocks and bumps and prevent damage from beds that are moved around and continuously adjusted in health facilities and hospitals. The bumps are absorbed through internal ribbing reinforcements, and the antibacterial PVC is rounded to fend off the settlement of dust and germs. Bed kits are 600mm high and 30mm thick, come with the choice of 31 colours, with a smooth finish and decorative grooves.

Model: Bedkit vertical bed-head protection
  • Height: 600 mm
  • Thickness: 30 mm
  • Projection: variable from 146 to 336 mm
  • Material: 3 mm antibacterial and Bs2d0 fire-rated PVC, solid colour
  • Surface finish: smooth with decorative grooves
  • Fixing: of the aluminium plate with 8 metal expansion plugs
  • Colours: 31 standard


This rail is made for fixing low on the wall, providing ultimate protection against intensive wheeled traffic such as trolleys, beds and wheelchairs in areas such as corridors, access zones and storage spaces. This rail provides a strong cohesion between strength and design, and has a minimised projection with bevelled end pieces. Fixed with aluminium retainers, this rail has the option to fit along a continuous aluminium rail for added strength and durability. This bumprail has a decorative central ridge, and is available in 31 colours, making it the perfect solution to protect the width of your lower wall from harm, making carts and heavy furniture bounce off like rubber.

Model: Linea’ Punch protection rail
  • Height: 180 mm
  • Thickness: 25 mm
  • Length: 4 m
  • Material: 2.5 mm thick PVC, antibacterial and Bs2d0 fire-rated, solid colour
  • Surface finish: smooth with central boss
  • Fixing components: aluminium brackets (optional: continuous aluminium rail)
  • Colours: 31 standard

A Bump Rail for every wall

From stainless steel to plasterboard, our bump rails, wall guards and corner guards make hazards feel like rubber, with the strength of our products protecting the length, width and full range of your buildings from high impact and high traffic. A Rootex Bump Rail is an essential for cutting long term maintenance costs, and adding quality and strength to your walls.

To know more about our diverse range of products, simply e mail us (callum_rootex@bigpond.com) or call us (phone number 0400 660 671) with your question or ideas, and we can discuss our full range with Australian delivery and installation options with you.


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