Quality commercial handrails for safety and style

Handrails have many potential commercial applications and are essential to provide safety and peace of mind to your guests, clients, or patients. A wall bracket or handrail can be the difference between calm and calamity and add to the cohesion of your space, so it’s essential to have them installed and designed correctly.

Our team are experienced professionals who can work with you from start to finish with a wide range of products to suit everything from your paint colour to your interior design, floor type and wall materials. Handrails fit along the sides of your walls, secured with handrail brackets, that can traverse the length of your staircase, provide security at a great height, and provide a point of contact for slippery or unstable surfaces. Additionally, installing handrails in the car park or garage, around posts or along the side of the buildings can protect the walls from shopping cart mishaps and relieve heavy loads and large delivery items.

Our Range of Wall Mounted Handrails

We have a wide selection of handrails and handrail brackets available for installation to suit the many needs of your business and home.

Add Safety to High Foot Traffic Areas

Whatever your business, be it a hospital, school, office, or aged care facility, you want to prioritise safety for both your workers and visitors. Every site will have a high foot traffic area which could be a corridor in a healthcare facility or the staircase leading to your office. Installing handrails ensures you’re compliant with health and safety regulations and can also prevent serious injury to your clients and customers.

A handrail system is suitable for multiple applications and various businesses. Just some of the most common types of businesses we install include:

  1. Hospitals: Handrails are an essential addition to any hospital or healthcare facility with a wide range of injuries, recoveries, and people with mobility issues.
  2. Stores: Allows your customers the extra support they may need, whether it’s to prevent a fall or provide somewhere to rest.
  3. Aged care centres: Allows residents with mobility issues extra support and the chance for some more independence.
  4. Offices: Along with helping your workplace meet accessibility and health and safety standards, every office handrail ensures all employees feel safe and supported.
  5. School: Any teacher will tell you a school is the definition of a hectic place, and handrails will help increase safety for students and faculty.

The investment that will save you a bundle in maintenance.

Along with providing support for clients, patients and staff, a well-designed handrail system provides a protective barrier for your walls. You’d be surprised how much damage a wayward trolley or a wheelchair can cause to your wall. Repairs aren’t cheap, and without taking the right steps, wall damage is a reoccurring problem that will really stack up. Handrails, along with other wall protection such as a bump rail or crash rail, provide an extra layer of protection, saving a stack in repair costs.

Made to last in any environment.

When you install wall handrails, handrail brackets, crash rails or bump rails in your building, you want a product that will stand the test of time. Handrails made with PVC are durable, hard-wearing, and have the added benefit of being antibacterial and fire rated. Perfect for a hospital handrail or any area where hygiene is paramount.

Provide safety in style with a handrail system.

When it comes to a workplace, looks do matter. How your business presents itself visually will be often how customers form their first impressions of your company. Whether you’re going for a complete makeover, looking for something to spruce up the place or just need something to match your current decor, there’s a variety of handrail systems to fit your needs. To get the most out of your handrail system, it’s best to have them professionally designed and installed for your needs and work area.

Make a wall handrail your next essential project.

A handrail project with Rootex will make your store, hospital, office or home an icon of safety and functionality. Our handrail brackets and fittings will enhance your handrails’ look and functionality, and we can provide you with the most robust handrails in Australia. Our range of solid and high-quality products guarantees a handrail to suit your interior and exterior design with functionality above all others.

Contact us to complete your hallways, corridors, and stairwells with a custom-made handrail from some of Australia‘s best handrail brackets and fittings.


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