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Hand rails have many potential applications, and are an essential installation to provide safety and peace of mind to your guests, clients or patients. A wall bracket or handrail can be the difference between calm and calamity, as well as add to the cohesion of your space, so it’s important to have them installed and designed correctly.

Our team are experienced professionals who can work with you from start to finish with a wide range of products to suit everything from your paint colour to your interior design, floor type and wall materials. Handrails fit along the side of your wall, secured with handrail brackets, that can traverse the length of your staircase, provide security at a great height, and provide a point of contact for slippery or unstable surfaces. Additionally, installing handrails in the carpark or garage, around posts or along the side of the buildings can protect the wall from shopping cart mishaps and provide relief for a range of heavy loads and large delivery items.

We have a wide selection of handrails and handrail brackets available for installation, to suit the many needs of your business and home.


The Escort is a versatile rail that has a round look, making it perfect for long hallways and corridors. This handrail comes in 31 standard colours in PVC, as well as 5 wood effect colours, making it suitable for a huge range of interior designs. The material is a combination of wood effect PVC (Decowood, which is also available in our wall coverings), and satin silver anodised aluminium. It is antibacterial and fire-rated PVC. The handrail brackets are a 2-point self-locking perforated bracket with an aluminium finish, and can be screwed at different levels to account for the level of traffic flow in the area or the needs of the wall components.

Model: Decowood round handrail; Escort Anodised; Escort round handrail with antibacterial PVC sheath
  • Diameter: 40 mm
  • Length: 4 m
  • Overall projection: 80 mm
  • Stand-off from wall: 50 mm
  • Material: wood effect PVC (Decowood); 10 micron satin silver anodised aluminium (Anodised); Antibacterial and Bs2d0 fire-rated PVC, solid colour, on continuous aluminium section, bactericidal joints (PVC)
  • Fixing components: 2-point self-locking perforated brackets, satin silver anodised aluminium finish, screwed to wall at 1.20 m centres (0.80 m centres in heavy traffic corridors and on light partitions like plasterboard)
  • Colours: 5 wood effect colours, Coating on request (Decowood); Satin silver anodised (Anodised); 31 standard (PVC); .


The performer 2 offers both a handrail and wall protection. The hand rail has a depth of 140mm with smooth round fittings and a decorative groove, allowing for easy grasp and offering stylish wall protection. Each section is 4m long, with 3mm thick antibacterial and fire-rated PVC and comes in with a choice of 15 standard, smooth colours. This handrail is perfectly suited to hospital corridors, and offers quality that will last, with diversity to suit the floor and wall colouring.

Model: Performer 2 wall protection and handrail
  • Section depth: 140 mm
  • Length: 4 m
  • Tubular upper part diameter: 40 mm
  • Overall projection: Minimum 105 mm adjustable
  • Stand-off from wall: Minimum 55 mm adjustable
  • Material: 3 mm thick antibacterial PVC, Bs2d0 fire-rated, solid colour
  • Surface finish: Smooth upper handrail, smooth wall protection rail with decorative grooves
  • Fixing components: Adjustable fixing on composite spacers to be fitted at 1.20 m centres (0.80 m centres in heavy traffic corridors and on light partitions like plasterboard)
  • Colours: 15 standard


The Starline is available in an anodised aluminium or antibacterial PVC-sheathed handrail with a two colour protection band and a Decowood round handrail. This category of handrail is a diverse option for universities, hospitals and schools, and stands 50mm off the wall, allowing grip for standing at a height on stairs or ramps. The handrail comes with the option of Anodised , PVC brackets, or our popular wood effect Decowood PVC brackets with two material categories to select from:

  1. Satin Silver anodised aluminium with a semi-rigid PVC band
  2. Aluminium profile with an antibacterial and fire-rated PVC and a semi-rigid PVC band

Additionally, the Starline is available in 32 colours and 5 wood effect colours, with Decowood coating available on request.

Model: Starline anodised aluminium or antibacterial PVC-sheathed handrail with a two-colour PVC protection band; Decowood round handrail
  • Section depth: 90 mm (PVC, Anodised); 40mm (Decowood)
  • Length: 4 m
  • Thickness: 34 mm
  • Overall projection: 84 mm (PVC, Anodised); 80mm (Decowood)
  • Stand-off from wall: 50 mm
  • Material: Satin silver anodised aluminium profile with a semi-rigid PVC band, or aluminium profile with an antibacterial and Bs2d0 fire-rated PVC sheath and a semi-rigid PVC band, bactericidal joints (PVC, Anodised); wood effect PVC (Decowood)
  • Fixing components: 2-point self-locking perforated satin silver anodised aluminium brackets, screwed to wall at 1.20 m centres (0.80 m centres in heavy traffic corridors and on light partitions like plasterboard)
  • Colours: 3 finishes for aluminium profile / 32 colors (PVC, Anodised); 5 wood effect colours. Coating on request (Decowood)


These handrails are a diverse and minimalistic option, perfect for a range of designs from the office to the store room, and can blend with the stainless steel wet room to the wood stain stairwell. The fittings of the handrail brackets are refined or reinforced aluminium, self-locking brackets, screwed to the wall in accordance to the flow of traffic and the requirements of the wall. The Linea’touch is available in 31 standard PVC colours, with 5 wood effects.

Model: trilobed handrail
  • Length: 4 m
  • Cross section: height 42 mm x width 40 mm
  • Overall Projection: 80 mm
  • Stand-off frow wall: 40 mm
  • Fixing components: refined or reinforced aluminium self-locking brackets, satin silver anodised effect, screwed to the wall every 1.20 m (0.80 m centres in heavy traffic areas and on light partitions like plasterboard.)
  • Colours: 5 wood effect (Decowood); 31 standard (PVC)

Make handrails your next essential project

A handrail project with Rootex will make your store, hospital, office or home an icon of safety and functionality. Our handrail brackets and handrail fittings will enhance the look and functionality of your handrails, and we can provide you with the strongest handrails in Australia. Our range of strong and high quality products guarantee a handrail to suit your interior and exterior design with a functionality that is above all others.

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