Quality rails for safety and style

Hand rails have many potential applications, and are an essential installation to provide safety and peace of mind to your guests, clients or patients. A wall bracket or handrail can be the difference between calm and calamity, as well as add to the cohesion of your space, so it’s important to have them installed and designed correctly.

Our team are experienced professionals who can work with you from start to finish with a wide range of products to suit everything from your paint colour to your interior design, floor type and wall materials. Handrails fit along the side of your wall, secured with handrail brackets, that can traverse the length of your staircase, provide security at a great height, and provide a point of contact for slippery or unstable surfaces. Additionally, installing handrails in the carpark or garage, around posts or along the side of the buildings can protect the wall from shopping cart mishaps and provide relief for a range of heavy loads and large delivery items.

Our Range of Handrails

We have a wide selection of handrails and handrail brackets available for installation, to suit the many needs of your business and home.

Make handrails your next essential project

A handrail project with Rootex will make your store, hospital, office or home an icon of safety and functionality. Our handrail brackets and handrail fittings will enhance the look and functionality of your handrails, and we can provide you with the strongest handrails in Australia. Our range of strong and high quality products guarantee a handrail to suit your interior and exterior design with a functionality that is above all others.

Contact us to complete your hallways, corridors and stairwells with a custom made handrail, made from some of Australia ‘s best handrail brackets and fittings.


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