Wall mounted rails for peace of mind

Wall mounted rails are essential products for spaces such as stairs and ramps, as well as providing an extra measure of safety and security to wet areas and car parks or open areas with a vulnerable or elderly population. A wall rail system or handrail provides important support for the elderly, disabled or rehabilitating people, as well as assisting the general population across any areas with irregularities in the flooring.

There are many types of wall rails and brackets, and we have a wall rail system for every wall.

Why you need to consider wall rails for your next installation:

  1. To help with balance and stability

The elderly, young children and the vulnerable need wall rails in everyday life. Some people like to have the rail to graze their hand on for extra balance and stability, especially if suffering from conditions such as vertigo or dizziness.

  1. To prevent falls on surfaces with irregularities

Decks and ledges need a barrier between the edge and a steep drop. This is important to consider when working with heights or surfaces with an irregular walking area if your area is open to wet weather or is a wet zone – a rail system is a necessary precaution to prevent mishaps.

  1. To help with carrying heavy content

Content that is a strange shape or a heavy load can be difficult to carry, and having a rail to rest or help manage the load becomes helpful. A rail installed in a thoroughfare, especially when manual labour is commonplace – will soon become an essential addition.

We have many types of products available to suit your rail needs and provide an installation that you can count on to make a difference in the safety and security of your household or business. Our friendly and experienced team can work with you to find the best product for your space, from small sections of railing needed for stairs in the family home to a large rail system to suit long-range corridors and walls.

We have a rail for every need and can provide full support from consultation to installation. You can rest assured with further peace of mind, knowing your family, customers or clients will be kept safe without sacrificing style or cohesion.


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