High Strength Wall Corner Protectors & Wall Corner Guards

Choosing the right corner guard for your facility is an important stage of its design. Corners are one of the highest contact zones in your building, especially in high-traffic areas such as car parks, hospitals and schools.

Corner guards are essential for bringing protection and durability to your walls.

Whether it’s the delicate wall corners in the office, the columns in a car park, or the high impact from trolleys, we can provide corner guards that offer long-lasting protection with some of the toughest guards in Australia, made from a range of materials including stainless steel, rubber and PVC.

Selecting our corner guards for your facilities and buildings will ultimately lower your maintenance costs, as our products go hand in hand with our wall protection to prevent damage to your walls and corners. Corner guards complete the look of your newest installation and keep sharp angles out of the way of cars, people and furniture, preventing injuries, damage or complaints.

Corner Guards in a range of options

Our stock comes in a range of materials suited to your colour scheme and building requirements, sizes needed, and specific applications. With corner guards that can traverse long wall lengths, corners, doorways and more, and with safety features, such as contrast strips and stainless-steel finishes, we will have a corner guard to suit your facility’s needs.

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See our corner guard options below:

What are wall corner guards?

Wall corner guards are products designed to provide serious corner protection for your business. The corners of your walls are the most vulnerable to accidental damage, with even a slight bump having the potential to scratch, chip or dent your wall surface. A corner guard is built from a sturdy, impact-resistant material, like PVC, designed to add a layer of protection to your building.

How do corner guards benefit your business?

Damage to your corner is an eyesore to your business and requires time and money to solve. Worse, it will become a reoccurring problem without taking preventive steps, meaning you’re throwing profits away. Corner protection is a one-time, built-in investment that will save you time, money and effort by keeping your corners intact. There are several benefits, including:

  • Greatly reduce maintenance costs
  • A stylish addition to your decor
  • Increase safety in your workplace

What Commercial Industries Benefit Most from Wall Corner Protectors?

Wall protection and corner guards are a fantastic investment for any business that experiences frequent foot traffic, moving furniture or mobile items like trolleys, wheelchairs or trays. Some of the industries that benefit from corner guards include:

  • Hospitals are hectic, with beds, trolleys and machinery constantly moving about. Corner guards will protect against sudden impact.
  • Aged care facility: Keep your facility looking nice, clean and safe for residents and staff with wall protection.
  • Healthcare facilities: A slick, modern look for any doctor, dentist or other medical facility, corner guards will provide protection and good looks.
  • Office spaces: Along with cutting down on unnecessary maintenance costs, well-maintained office areas reflect well on your business and give a good first impression to your clients.
  • Gyms: With so much heavy equipment in constant motion, it wouldn’t take much to damage your walls seriously. A corner guard will protect your property while allowing your clientele to break a sweat.
  • Schools: Any teacher will tell you how hectic a school can be between classes, and the added protection provided by our products will save you a fortune in repair bills.
  • Car parks: Protect your walls and columns from loose trolleys and other impacts.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Can Corner guards be added to an existing workplace?

Absolutely. We can install corner guards in an existing office space or design a corner guard for new construction environments.

Can My Corner guards match my wall protection?

Corner guards and wall protection come in a wide range of colours and styles and can be created to suit existing decors.

Are Corner Guards easy to maintain?

Yes. Not only are corner guards designed to stand up to heavy, sudden impacts, but PVC is also scratch-resistant, dent-resistant and quick and easy to clean.

Are Corner Guards resistant to mould?

The two key elements that mould thrives on are moisture and organic material. PVC is waterproof and resistant to mould. Though organic matter can get stuck to your corner guard and become mouldy, regular cleaning should go a long way to solving this.

Who will install my corner guards?

The expert team at Rootex knows everything there is to know about wall protection and can help you choose the perfect product for your needs. Furthermore, we can install it for you. Call us on 0400 660 671 or email Callum at callum@rootex.com.au to discuss your project.

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