High strength protection for corner areas

Choosing the right corner guard for your facility is an important stage of the design. Corners are one of the highest contact zones in your building, especially in high traffic areas such as car parks, hospitals and schools, and corner guards are essential for bringing protection and durability to your walls. Whether its the delicate wall corners in the office, the columns in a car park, or the high impact from trolleys – we can provide corner guards that offer long lasting protection with some of the toughest guards in Australia, made from a range of materials including stainless steel, rubber and PVC.

Selecting our corner guards for your facilities and buildings will ultimately lower your maintenance costs, as our corner guards go hand in hand with our wall protection to prevent damage to your walls and corners. Corner guards complete the look of your newest installation and keep sharp angles out of the way of cars, people and furniture, preventing injuries, damage or complaints.

Our corner guard stock comes in a range of materials, suited to your colour scheme and building requirements, sizes needed, and specific applications. With corner guards that can traverse long wall lengths, corners, doorways and more, and with safety features such as contrast strips and stainless steel finishes – we will have a corner guard to suit the needs of your facility.

Our Range of Corner Guards


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