How to Protect Your Walls from Chair Damage

No one sets out to damage their own property, but a simple bump from a chair being pulled back from a table can cause unsightly harm to your walls. Not only does a scratch or dent in your wall make the place look untidy, but it can also be a nightmare to find the time to fix it.

Naturally, chairs and walls are both essential parts of our everyday lives, and there are only so many ways you can rearrange the furniture. So, even after you’ve fixed the problem, there’s no guarantee the same thing won’t happen again. That is, unless you take preventative measures. Wall protection panels create a safeguard to prevent accidental dings, scuffs, chips on your paint or tile or marks on your wallpaper caused from chair or even wheelchair damage.

The best way to protect walls from chairs

Colourful chairs next to wall protection in office

If you’re running a business with a lot of furniture, such as a restaurant, hospital or anywhere with a waiting room, living room or dining area, it’ll only be a matter of time before someone gets up from the table and leaves a mark on your wall. As is so often the case, the best solution is prevention and that’s where wall protection comes in.

Wall protection encompasses a range of products designed to prevent wear and tear while remaining durable, secure, safe and reliable. Products range from panels, railing, wall corner guards and more.

Wall protection can be made from a variety of materials including rubber, PVC and vinyl. In the post-pandemic age, it’s never been more important to be hygienic, and wall protection is both easy to clean and antibacterial, meaning that protecting your walls won’t come at the cost of keeping everyone safe.

Each work area has its own unique requirements, and wall protection comes in a range of styles, types, sizes and designs. A custom design can be made to suit the specific perimeter, size and measures. Available in a range of colours, you’re sure to find a design that keeps your walls safe and looking great.

Protect walls from these common damages caused by chairs

Office chairs near desk

There are a few methods and products when it comes to protecting your wall from potential damage from chairs. Let’s have a look at some of the most common types of damage caused by chairs and the best solutions to each.

Chair dents

How it happens:

When you think of chair dents, the first thing that probably comes to mind is those marks on your carpet. However, chairs can also leave a dent in your wall, often happening when you move furniture or from a sudden shift. Some absentmindedly pushing back their chair can easily misjudge the distance they have, which is bad news for your wall. Dents can also chip paint or finish your wall.

How to protect walls from chair dents

Crash rails are fantastic support for walls in areas like waiting rooms. Working like a bumper, crash rails are specially designed to be buffers between the chair and wall. Fantastic at absorbing impact, contact crash rails can cover a width of up to 4m and can easily attach to any surface. With 31 colours available, you’re sure to find a crash rail to seamlessly blend into any space.

Chair marks

How it happens:

Perhaps the most common kind of damage – due to how easily it can happen. The smallest amount of friction, even the nudge of a chair leg, can leave a mark on your wall. No matter how careful you are when moving a couch or chair, it only takes a misjudged moment. A chair can even put a hole in your wall if it is a particularly nasty knock. 

How to protect walls from chair marks

Corners are some of the most vulnerable areas of a building to impact damage. The best wall corner protectors seamlessly blend in with wall protection panels to create a functional, yet stylish look for your work area. Along with preventing damage from chairs, it has the bonus of protecting against all moving objects from trolleys, beds, and carts.

Chair scratches

How it happens 

Scratches often come about because of either chairs or legs scraping across your wall. This comes as a result of someone misjudging when moving a chair or when there is movement after the initial moment of impact. Wooden and plastic especially tend to have a lot of corners, making the likelihood they’ll scratch a wall not so much a matter of if, but when.

How to protect walls from chair scratches

Wall protection panels are the best solution to protect against any buffs from your chairs. Made from sturdy materials, wall panels are the perfect way to defend your walls from sudden impact and damage.

Wall damage from chairs is something that can easily happen to anyone, but luckily it is just as easy to prevent. We have a range of wall protection options to suit any needs, preferences, or budget. It’ll only be after a few knocks from chairs that wall protection will start paying for itself.

Not sure what the ideal wall protection setup is for your business? Rootex interior wall and door protection specialists are here to help.

Our friendly team have years of experience and are happy to guide you through the entire process. We’ve installed wall protection in various businesses, and we’re confident we’ll find the perfect solution for you and your walls. Running a business is tough enough without having to worry about wall damage, so why not provide yourself with peace of mind with wall protection that is durable, stylish, and reliable? Contact us today to discuss the protection needs of your business.