Choosing The Best Corner Protection for Your Business

When you’re running a business, it’s important to make sure that you have the right safeguards in place within your building to ensure smooth and safe operation. You may have overlooked just how important it is to protect the corners of your space from damage to prevent costly and time-consuming repairs. Unless your office, waiting room, display centre or facility is completely round – corner protection is an essential consideration for the busy workplace. 

Wall Corner Protection for Every Business

Wall corner protection offers a simple and effective solution to reduce the cost of your facility maintenance in both a short and long-term reality. Corner guards are long protective coverings made from PVC vinyl composite, rubber, or stainless steel, to fit flush on the wall where the two wall joins meet. This will generally form an impenetrable 90-degree angle that suits applications in many different businesses and facilities. 

gym area wall protection

Anti-bacterial Protection for Wall Corners

Corners are some of the highest zones of contact in your building, putting them at risk for both damage and bacteria. Carefully curated paint jobs, wood panelling, popcorn textured walls or cement walls can make these areas hard to clean and keep sanitised. With our anti-bacterial PVC vinyl composite, you will be able to manage flu season and keep the area looking clean and tidy with a simple wipe. 

Common industries that benefit from corner protection

  • Hospitals
  • Aged care facilities
  • Medical centres
  • Dentists
  • Hospitality
  • Science facilities
  • Gyms and fitness
  • Warehouses
  • Shopping centres

Professionals who invest in Rootex products experience serious protection against trolleys, wheelchairs, carts, vehicles, and busy personnel. Our corner protection can be altered to suit your walls and corners perfectly, leaving no room for bacteria and no gaps for damage.

With options in both smooth and embossed PVC vinyl composite as well as rubber and stainless steel, you will experience anti-bacterial protection tailored to suit your kitchen, wet area, hallway, entrance ways, production areas and corridors.

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Which corner protection is best for your walls?

From busy hospitals to pristine display centres – we have corner protection to suit every aesthetic and application. Our range is tailored to suit many different industries. With a custom installation process, we can create the perfect fit for your space. 

Our corner protection applications include:

  • The Profila 50 & 30 

These guards feature a 90-degree angle with a smooth finish, offering the benefit of being antibacterial and easy to wipe clean. A perfect option for hallways, waiting rooms and offices- this design comes in 32 different colourways to match your design perfectly. 

  • The Protecta 2 

Antibacterial and fire-rated PVC – this corner protection features a smooth finish and a solid colour to suit angles between 70 and 135 degrees. Another great choice for professional spaces, hallways and waiting rooms. 

  • The Profil’inox 50 & 30

These corner guards offer strong protection for food-handling areas and wet zones in stainless steel for durability, style, and easy cleanliness. Available at a 90-degree angle, this adhesive brushed metal corner protector is an easy choice. 

  • Safy Corner 

These rubber padding corner guards offer a smooth surface and a 90-degree angle, available in 4 colours to cover up to 1.3 metres on your wall. These corner guards offer cushioning and protection for both the wall and your equipment. 

  • SPM Capcorn

This corner protection provides a smooth finish and a 90-degree angle with an aluminium core, offering antibacterial qualities in fire-rated PVC. This all-rounder is available in 5 colours and is suited to a range of professional spaces, from offices to hospital corridors. 

  • Cornea 

The Cornea corner guards come with a constructed metal strip on an aluminium core, available in 31 standard colours. This corner protection is perfect for areas where safety is paramount such as factories, warehouses, and production areas. 

  • Corneaflex 

Like the Cornea product, the Corneaflex features a contrasting strip tape for easy visibility. With antibacterial qualities and fire-rated PVC, this corner protection is flexible to suit angles of up to 135 degrees. Additionally, we can cover variable angles with the Corneaflex available in two parts for customisation. In 5 standard colours, this flexible, smooth, antibacterial corner protection is the perfect solution for a range of high-risk areas. 

  • Linea’flex 

These flexible adhesive corner guards can suit angles between 80-150 degrees and are available in various colours in fire-rated PVC. Commonly used along the bottom of the wall or in combination with handrails, the Linea’flex has antibacterial qualities and can suit a range of spaces with walls of different lengths and angles.

Need corner protection for your walls?

Corner protection can be the final missing piece to complete the look and functionality of your space. Contact us today to discuss the protection needs of your business. With our customisation process, we will have a corner protection solution for you.