Door Kick Plates – What They Are & Why You Need One?

Picture this, your customer is leaving your store with arms full of products. You try to get to them in time but can’t, and you watch in slow motion as they kick your carefully curated door and take off a good chunk of paint with their steel cap boots. This happens again and again, leaving your door looking like a sad memory of what it used to be. The interior of your store is cheapened and over time the function of your door starts to fail, forcing you to fork out hundreds for a new one. 

Unless you want to pay thousands of dollars to install an automatic door – hard kicks, wheelchairs and carts seem like a direct enemy of your perfectly glossy and evenly coloured door. This is where kick plates come in. An unsung hero of many commercial and even domestic spaces, kick plates are so common and such a simple solution that it has encouraged generations of ‘door kickers’, who don’t think twice before pushing the door open with any other body part than their hands. Kick plates are virtually inconspicuous, so much so that you may not have even considered that you need one until it’s too late and your door has copped a beating. colourful wall protectors

What is a kick plate?

The name says it all – a kick plate is a guard along the bottom of the door to prevent and protect from damage. A kick plate doesn’t just protect from heavy-footed kickers, but from wheelchairs, carts, accidental trips, an overzealous door swing, excited animals or runaway toys. Any door that swings into a room can benefit from a kickplate in industries from busy kitchens to packed warehouses or customer-centric retail spaces. 

 Kickplates can be made to suit your space, with a standard size of 30cm or 90cm. The larger ones are commonly used in hospitals, doctors’ surgeries and care homes where wheelchairs and medical carts are a part of daily life. They are tailored to fit the door perfectly with the right gaps along the sides to allow full function of the door. PVC kick plates are becoming more and more popular as they offer a similar strength and endurance to stainless steel and can be coloured to suit the interior and exterior designs of the facility. Kick plates are earning their place among the range of choices available as an easy to clean and colour match design. A kickplate can add a cohesive and considered look to your space, blending perfectly to match your door, door frame and wall while offering protection and style. 

Do I need door protection?

Door and wall corner protection can add value and longevity to your space through bringing style, function and safety. Installing door protection such as a kick plate is an important consideration for smart business owners who are looking to lower their maintenance costs, prevent damage to their building, or provide the ultimate level of safety for their staff and patrons. Kick plates can be installed on doors of any shape, size or material, from stainless steel to aged wood, and is made with fire-rated PVC that has antibacterial qualities. Suitable for any space from wet rooms to carpeted display centers, PVC provides the perfect kick plate for long term style and quality. 

Our kick plates…

We bring innovative and top-quality wall and door protection to the building and renovation market, making it simple to install top quality products in your commercial or residential space. ROOTEX is the chosen supplier of the Gerflor SPM product range who provide modern, durable and cost-effective solutions for wall and door protection. Most used in health care, aged care, education, hospitality, leisure and commercial sectors – Gerflor products are designed to provide the highest antibacterial protection, making them a perfect choice for the hygiene conscious. 

Our kick plate models can be cut to size according to the exact requirements of your door, to provide the most accurate and effective protection. With 32 standard colours and 3 designs available, your kick plate will blend perfectly without being an eyesore or taking away from your carefully curated space. To explore our options, click here. 


  • Standard panel dimensions: 3 m x 1,30 m
  • Custom options: Bendings, thermoforming, chamfers
  • Thickness: 2 mm
  • Material: Antibacterial and Bs2d0 fire-rated PVC, solid colour
  • Surface: Lightly textured or smooth
  • Colours: 32 standard / 3 Decosmic designs

Our business is built on a promise to be effective, progressive, hygienic and efficient, and we pride ourselves on being the best choice to meet the products, program and cost requirements of businesses large and small. If you’re upgrading your space, renovating or starting from scratch, we can help by providing the best, most innovative door protection systems. 

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