3 Reasons to Invest in Door Protection for Your Business

Door protection is one of the most effective ways to protect the doors and door frames in your building from both long and short-term damage.

The importance of door protection rests in the fact that doors are some of the most important, commonly used, and vulnerable objects in commercial buildings. This causes them to be one of the most frequent victims of long-term damage and deterioration that can only be fixed through replacement.

An investment in door protection is an investment in the future of your building.

Door protection no longer has to be an eyesore, with colours and styles to blend seamlessly with the rest of your interior design. With Rootex door protectors, your doors will be safeguarded from long- and short-term damage, keeping your investment safe and preparing your building to welcome the crowds.

The 3 key reasons you should install door protectors in your building include:

1. Keep Your Doors Safe from Impact Damage

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In the way of foot traffic, heavy carts, passing machinery, and wheeled trolleys, doors are often the most susceptible to damage.

A damaged door can pose a security or fire hazard; if damage occurs, it is the responsibility of the business owner or proprietor to repair it with haste.

Prevention is key; with door protectors, you will give the door a layer of protection to absorb impact.

Your door protectors can be sized perfectly according to your door type to give edge-to-edge coverage and protect the most vulnerable areas from knocks, scratches, and bumps.

2. Improve First Impressions

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Imagine you’re showing a new employee or a stockholder around your building, and issues begin standing out like a sore thumb.

A chipped baseboard, dirty handprint, damaged door, or loose ceiling tile conspire to lower the first impression of your building and, at worst, impact your business.

Door protection will help prevent the embarrassment and stress of realising your building isn’t as pristine as you imagined.

By preventing damage before it can occur, you will safeguard your building and give your guests the best first impression.

3. Lower Your Maintenance Costs

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Almost every building has ‘problem areas’ that incur more damage than others.

Busy workers, constant foot traffic and heavy machinery eventually take their toll, causing the repairs and maintenance budget to creep higher and higher.

Doors are one of the biggest victims of this day-to-day hustle and bustle. Your doors’ constant use and potential damage would typically require staff or external contractors to provide upkeep, cleaning, and repairs.

With door protectors – spend your time and energy on more profitable matters.

Safeguard Your Building with Rootex Door Protectors

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Door protectors exist to prevent damage caused by workers, customers, patients, machinery, equipment, trolleys, carts, wheelchairs, and more. Your team can get on with their day without worrying about damaging the doors so that they can focus on the task at hand. Rootex’s line of door protection is highly durable and designed for high foot traffic areas to mitigate risk and blend seamlessly with the space.

Our range of door protection includes:

  • Half door protection
  • Door kick plates
  • Full height
  • Wrap-around
  • Inlayed signage

Rootex creates specific designs to suit the purpose and style of your space, giving your door protection multiple functions. Made from the highest quality antibacterial and fire-rated PVC, our door protectors can provide the ultimate layer of defence and are customisable to protect your door and the surrounding space.

If you’re curious about our door protection range, find our contact information here.

Otherwise, explore our range of door protectors!


What is a door protector?

Door protectors provide an essential barrier between your door and the day’s commotion, adding strength and durability to the door parts that are most often kicked, shoved, and knocked on.

Door protectors protect the doors in commercial settings against the most common types of damage. This can include scratches and dents on the door frame, door edge, and areas surrounding the door.

How do I protect my door from damage?

The best way to protect your door is to install custom door protection.

What is used to protect the lower part of the doors?

Kick plates, half-door, and inlaid signage are some of the best options for the lower part of the door.

What can I use to protect my door frame?

Wrap-around door protection and wall and corner guards will offer the best protection for door frames.


Contact us for any door protection enquiries, we are here to help.