Aged Care Wall and Door Protection

Making Aged Care Facilities Safer and More Welcoming with Our Door and Wall Protectors 

In aged care facilities, ensuring the safety and comfort of residents is paramount. Our door and wall protectors are designed to prevent accidents and reduce maintenance costs. These solutions safeguard the physical environment against everyday wear and tear and enhance the facility’s aesthetic appeal. This creates a welcoming atmosphere for residents, staff, and visitors.

With our protective products, aged care facilities can avoid costly repairs and replacements, ensuring a safer, cleaner, and more durable living space. It’s not just about protection — it’s about providing a secure and inviting environment that residents can truly call home.


Door and Wall Protection for Aged Care Facilities

Our door and wall protection products are a high-quality, long-term solution to shield interior surfaces from damage while also protecting staff, residents, and visitors. 

Our door and wall protectors and panels are durable products. Designed to protect the surface of walls, corners, doors and door frames, they also help extend their life expectancy. With their use, aged care facilities can prevent one small bump or scratch from requiring an entire door or wall to be replaced or repainted at a significant expense.

The product is also antibacterial and fire-rated, providing extra protection for elderly residents and nursing staff. It is also fast and easy to clean without using harsh chemicals or solvents. 

A Custom Solution to Protect Aged Care Buildings and Their Residents

Door and wall protection solutions are designed to match different sorts of environments. You can customise the design to incorporate the colours and patterns you desire. From a calming appearance or vibrant artwork to inlaid signage showing door numbers or a room name, we will work with you to custom-create door and wall protection of any design or size. 

Wheelchairs, beds, walkers, medical equipment, trolleys, and furniture are heavy items that can easily damage walls and doors. However, with corner guards, frame protectors, and door and wall panels, you can ensure your facility’s assets are protected from accidental damage. 

Enhancing Safety in Aged Care with Durable Solutions

Rootex has many types of wall protection available, with different features for different impact types. Our range of wall-mounted rails includes handrails and crash rails. 

As handrails provide security and easy mobility for elderly residents, they are a necessity in aged care facilities. Offering safety and independence to residents, our stylish range of handrails also act as wall guards, protecting hallways from accidental damage. Hard-wearing and antibacterial, Rootex handrails provide security for residents and the facility and can be designed to meet your specific requirements.

Crash and bump rails by Rootex offer the ultimate wall protection and are the perfect impact-resistant addition to wall guards, corner guards, and door protection. A defensive guard against sudden impacts that lead to surface damage and costly repairs, we offer five different types of crash and bump rails, depending on your requirements. Some protect chairs and furniture, while others protect surfaces from damage by hospital-style beds, wheelchairs, and trolleys. 

Our range of wall-mounted handrails and crash and bump rails come with many benefits. They are durable, antibacterial, aesthetically pleasing, and designed to save on maintenance costs.  

We have a rail for every need and can provide full support from consultation to installation. You can rest assured with further peace of mind, knowing your family, customers or clients will be kept safe without sacrificing style or cohesion.

Features of Our Protective Materials

Just some of the key benefits of protective materials are:

  • Damage resistance and impact prevention
  • A reduction in maintenance and repair costs
  • Easy maintenance for long-term cleanliness
  • Availability in a range of colours
  • A stylish yet practical way to renovate your establishment
  • Customisation options to suit your needs
  • An affordable solution to a common problem.
Linea'Flex corner protection image

Reliable Door and Wall Protection for Aged Care Homes

Made with high-impact, scratch-resistant PVC, our door and wall protection is a one-time investment that will save on maintenance and cleaning in the long run. It’s antibacterial, moisture-resistant, and easy to clean with warm soapy water, so it’s ideal for applications where hygiene is paramount. Our door and wall protection can also be used over nearly any material, including timber and stainless steel. 

Made with materials such as anodised aluminium and robust PVC, Rootex’s range of wall rails offers a superior safety barrier for the prevention of accidents and serves to protect your aged care facility from accidental damage. 

Custom Solutions for Safety and Comfort

From doors and walls to dangerous corners, Rootex has a product to make your residents and staff safe and comfortable. We’re Australia’s leading wall and door protection specialist and the only Australian supplier of Gerflor’s premium SPM range. Don’t wait for damage or accidents to occur in your aged care facility, get proactive about safety inside and out and contact Rootex today.

Contact Us for a Comprehensive Protection Plan

Wall and door protection offers a simple, stylish, hygienic, and cost-effective solution to your maintenance needs. At Rootex, we have decades of experience when it comes to providing the best wall and door protection for a wide range of businesses. We can help you choose the best options for your building’s unique quirks and needs, ensuring you’ll reduce your maintenance and repair costs for years to come.

We have a wide range of products, including wall panels, corner guards and door protection in a range of shapes and sizes. Our expert team can create a design to suit your layout and even perform the installation. Having our team install your wall and door protection will provide the peace of mind that the job has been done well and that your building will be guarded for years to come.

Does your aged care facility need wall or door protection? Get in touch today to discuss your project with our friendly, expert team!


What types of protection do you offer for aged care facilities?

We offer a wide range of products under three main categories: door protection, wall protection, and wall rails. 

How do your products contribute to the safety of aged care residents?

Constantly having to maintain and repair parts of your facility is not only costly, but it also poses an inconvenience to residents who may need to avoid certain areas during construction works, cope with loud noise, or suffer health complaints as air quality is compromised from the use of volatile organic compounds found in building products. 

Rootex’s wide range of wall rails also aims to assist residents with staying active and mobile by allowing them to move around the facility independently or more safely. 

Are your protection products customisable?

All of our protection products are fully customisable. Whether you’d like door coverings to display information unique to each room or you require wall rails at a unique height or in a difficult position, Rootex will provide support from the consultation process through to installation to ensure we find the right solution for your aged care facility.

What is the installation process like?

Whether you are designing a new building or retrofitting an existing one, Rootex aims to install wall and door protection with as little fuss as possible. Contact us to discuss our solutions, and we can inform you of how quickly you can expect to have protection installed at your facility.

How long do your protection products last?

We design door and wall protection that is built to last. How often this protection needs to be replaced depends on the frequency and type of impacts it generally sustains. Call us today to discuss your needs, and we can ensure you have the right solution for your facility.