Wall Corners: the ultimate public safety tool

Public health and safety is one of the most important considerations for businesses, healthcare facilities, schools and offices. Under the umbrella of public safety, there are many different things to consider, with new rules and regulations becoming enforced all the time. If you’re responsible for fitting out your new commercial space with tools to keep your team safe, or if you’re part of the thriving public safety industry responsible for hundreds of thousands of workers, you are likely on the hunt for the best products that will provide safety along with style and functionality.

Providing adequate care and safety for your business shouldn’t be difficult, budget blowing or confusing. With Rootex’ range of wall protection corners, panels, sheets and strips, maintenance budgets can remain in scope, aesthetic finishes can be cohesive, and protection can be long lasting. Some of the most important factors we have considered while putting together our range of wall corners include:

  • The need to have durable finishes to withstand bumps and consistent cleaning
  • Effective infection control and sanitisation
  • Suit a wide range of interior and exterior aesthetics
  • Ability to meet all relevant council codes and legislation
  • Provide protection for the walls from both light and heavy impact
  • Versatility to protect anywhere from the storage room to the waiting room

Wall guards are typically applied to main corridors, waiting areas, lift lobbies, door entrances, production areas and back of house service corridors to protect against scratches, crashes, and marks. Whether it is to provide bump protection or a smooth edge, wall corner protectors are an essential addition in areas of high pedestrian activity and heavy-duty vehicle traffic.

The top benefits of wall corner protection

You may hear about the need for corner guards and consider it as purely aesthetic or non-essential, however, there is much more to wall protection than meets the eye.

  1. Improved Aesthetic

Corner guards are the subtle difference in many workplaces and public spaces that brings a cohesive and complete look to the space. Protection for your walls doesn’t have to be boring or plain, and with new technologies, boring beige or greys are a thing of the past. The impact resistance of your corner guards can combine with your design aesthetic to create limitless options, giving your style purpose and durability.

  1. Better Hygiene

Wall protection for corners is available in both smooth and embossed anti-bacterial PVC Vinyl Composite. Both texture types can be installed on the exterior or interior of the building and are built to be durable enough for daily scrubbing. Render, matte paint, and brickwork make it difficult to get right into the germs on the wall or door, making them a high transmission area for spreading bacteria. Our smooth textured anti-bacterial PVC is perfect for areas such as surgical rooms, commercial kitchens, bathrooms, industrial cleaning facilities and wet areas, making walls and doors simple to clean. Our embossed textured anti-bacterial PVC can really take a hit and is popular for main corridors, waiting rooms, lifts, and door frame protection. We can shape and mould the PVC to fit your exposed area perfectly, ensuring no germs or bacteria can find a place to hide.

  1. Budget-friendly

Nobody likes to repatch holes in their wall or spend their day worrying about scratches. Paint and plastering jobs can be time consuming and expensive, often shutting the business for repairs or causing dangerous hazards in the process. Unfortunately, wear and tear is an unavoidable part of life and work. With wall protection, you will be adding a layer between activity and your walls that is durable, scratch-resistant and simple to clean, making buff marks disappear and saving you money in repairs down the line.

Protecting wall corners is essential for every industry

Many commercial industries require wall and corner protection to provide a layer of safety and defence for and against anything from wheelchairs to pallet trucks. With a high level of anti-bacterial defence, wall protection barriers are a perfect addition to food preparation areas and within zones with vulnerable people.

The most common businesses that use wall protection in their day-to-day operation include:

  • Hospitals
  • Aged care
  • Medical centre’s
  • Dentists
  • Hospitality
  • Science facilities
  • Gyms and fitness
  • Warehouses
  • Shopping centres

It is a common human error to bump up against walls, doors and corners while focusing on the important task at hand. The impact from heavy trolleys, wayward wheelchairs or even heavy machinery is softened thanks to professional-grade wall protection, mitigating damage to people, products and paint jobs.

Need protection for your wall corners? We can help…

Our wide range of wall protection has been hand-selected to suit the many needs of different industries and building types. Our team can come to you and design corner guards to suit your unique space down to the smallest specifics. With colourways to suit any interior or exterior design choice and materials to provide the perfect level of protection, we will have the solution for your wall protection needs.

Explore our range today to take your wall protection to the next level.