Protect Your Walls with Wall Crash Rails

When you’re in commercial property development, there are a lot of things to think about. One of the most important is ensuring that your property is as safe as possible for both customers and employees. That’s why it’s important to install crash rails in your establishment. Crash rails can help protect walls and other fixtures from being damaged in a collision. Not only will this keep your property looking its best, but it will keep everyone inside safe in the event of an accident. If you’re unsure whether crash rails are right for you, talk to a professional about your options. They can help you make the best decision for your business.

What are wall crash rails and what do they do?

Wall crash rails are thick bumper guards you install horizontally across your wall in order to protect it from impact. You’ve probably seen them in a variety of establishments, including hospitals, nursing homes, warehouses, schools and shopping centres. Their purpose is to deflect the impact of light machinery, carts, wheelchairs, trolleys and other objects to prevent them from damaging the wall during daily operations. Crash rails can be made out of a variety of materials like rubber, vinyl, PVC and steel. Different materials are better suited for certain situations.

How can you tell if your walls need crash rails installed for protection?

Consider the average day in your establishment. Is there heavy foot traffic and constant movement, especially with items such as carts, machinery, or mobile tables? Have you had incidents before where walls have been damaged? Damaged paintwork is costly to repair and is unsightly. Once your crash rails are installed, you’ll have the barrier to help stop future incidents from occurring.
If your property has daily activities that are hectic and often involve large objects like wheelchairs and trollies, then wall protection is a necessity to preventing damage to your property. Your wall protection only has to work a few times before it starts paying for itself.

Types of Crash Rail

When it comes to crash rails, you have a few options, with different types being suited to different situations.

A great crash rail for both protection and style. Choice of depths of 60mm, 120mm, or 200mm comes in lengths of 4m. A go-to choice for hospitals and schools.

This bump rail is perfect for health facilities and hospitals and are designed to absorb bumps from beds. They are 600mm high and 30mm thick.

This rail is designed to be installed low on walls and is ideal for protecting them from wheeled traffic including trolleys, beds, and wheelchairs. Made from thick PVC, with a height of 180mm and a thickness of 25mm.

A sturdy length of crash rail fantastic for protecting walls in a seating area. Available in 350 or 200m depth.

The Combo Punch Crash Rails are popular in storage rooms and corridors. Perfect for guarding your walls from hospital beds, trolleys and wheelchairs. Can be cut to size.

Who should install wall crash rails in your home or business establishment – a professional or a DIY’er?

It is possible to install crash rails yourself, though you’ll want some DIY experience to ensure you complete the job correctly. If you’re installing them for a business, you’ll want to check if there are any guidelines or regulations you need to follow before installing your guard rails.

Of course, there are benefits to getting a professional to install your crash rails for you. They’ll bring experience to the table and will have the expertise to spot any potential issues that may arise from the installation. Chances are, no matter how much DIY you’ve done, a professional contractor is going to be able to do it quicker, simply because they complete tasks like this every day.

Additionally, if you’re running a busy establishment, you may not have the time to install the rails yourself.
Another benefit of hiring a professional is they can advise you on the best crash rails for your situation, how high to install them and even help choose a colour that will look fantastic in your establishment.

How much do wall crash rails cost?

The price of wall crash rails will depend on your specific situation. Most professionals will offer to look at where you’re planning to install crash rails and offer you a quote. Without the specifics of your project, it’s difficult to gauge exactly how much it’ll cost.
You can see our range here if you’re looking to purchase or have wall crash rails.

Wall Crash Rail installation tips…

  1. Install the rails according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Failing to do so could void the warranty and damage both your rails and, ironically, your walls.
  2. Follow the old saying ‘measure twice, cut once’. Make sure all your measurements are correct and that you know exactly where you’ll be attaching the rails before you begin installing.
  3. Be sure to research which type of crash rail is ideal for your situation.
  4. If you’re unsure about installing crash rails yourself, consider hiring a contractor. Not only will they know all the ins and outs of installation, but you won’t have to worry about making a mistake.

You can protect your wall from any unexpected impact with the right crash rails. Contact us today to discuss the protection needs of your business. With our customisation process, we will have a crash rail protection solution for you.