Why Protective Covers for Doors are Critical for High Foot Traffic Areas

It’s easy to take the doors in our businesses for granted, but when you stop and think, there aren’t many features in your building that go through more usage on an average day.

In high foot traffic areas, such as the entrance, corridors or waiting rooms, your doors are more vulnerable to damage, no matter how much care you take.

When you take into account how much this ends up costing you time and money for repairs, it’s a lot of profit being spent on an avoidable problem. Therefore, precaution and prevention are your best bets.

When it comes to solutions, few are as simple and effective as protective door covers. Protectors provide a great, long-term solution that will protect your doors, increase their lifespan, and give your business a new splash of life. In this article, we’re going to look at how protective covers for doors are a must-have for high foot traffic areas.

With the availability of a wide range of design options that supply durability and cost-effectiveness, what’s not to like?


Public restroom with door protection

Door protection is a product that’s all about bringing safety, functionality and strength to your workplace. The key to supplying the best cover for your door is using quality, durable materials. Our products are made with strong PVC, which provides your door with an impact resistant casing which can absorb strong bumps and crashes from even the heaviest item.

No matter how careful we are, we all make mistakes. Accidents happen. In a busy area like a hospital, school or shop, it only takes a good hit from a trolley, luggage, bed or even someone’s foot to cause scratches, dents and scuffs on your door. Not only does this make your business look less pleasing, it could damage the door itself, which may lead to more serious repairs or even a replacement.

When you envelope your door with protection, it provides armour against any impact which not only stops unsightly marks on your business, but protects the door itself. Damage to the frames, edges or structure of the door can impede functionality and the safety of your workplace. Door protection is therefore a great investment which will protect your business area and the people in it.

Door protection supplies insurance and fortification in a wide range of businesses including:

  • Hospitals
  • Aged Care housing
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Childcare
  • Offices
  • Waiting rooms
  • Animal shelters, vets and pet care facilities
  • Sports facilities
  • Schools
  • Anywhere where doors are used often and need to be protected.



half door protector

The biggest advantage of protective door covers is the money they will save you in the long term. Work areas are busy, hectic areas and even the smallest bump from wheelchairs, trolleys or furniture can damage your door.

Even the smallest scratch can be a problem to repair, taking up valuable time and money that could be put to better use. In severe cases, you might even need to buy a replacement door. The price of this really starts to add up when this happens again and again. All the parts of your door are vulnerable, including frames and edges, and therefore, for the best results, it’s worth investing in quality door protection.

Door protectors supply a shield against all the daily impact your doors go through. The safety barrier supplies security for your door, protecting it from scratches, scuffs, chips, dents and markings. Frame protectors and edge protectors will help provide your door with a complete safeguard. When it comes to getting returns for your investment, quality door protection only has to prevent a few of these incidents before they pay for themselves.

The extra layer of protection strengthens your door, and this fortification will increase your door’s lifespan. Not only does it give you value for money for your equipment, it will add a few years before you need to worry about a replacement.

Low maintenance

PVC is scratch and buff resistant and is able to handle heavy impact. It’s also an antibacterial material, making it ideal for hospital and kitchen areas. Best of all, cleaning is a breeze, with a simple wash with warm water being all you need.

Design Options

Protective covers for doors not only provides an impact resistant sheath for your property, they can be a stylish addition to your business.

Does your business have a distinct decor and layout? No problem. Door protection comes in a wide range of colours, so you’ll be sure to find something to suit you.

Has a revamp for your workplace been on your wish list for a while? Door protectors supply a sleek, clean, modern design that can be just an addition to give your business a fresh look.

Perfect for striking that balance of striking yet professional, the clean look of PVC will give your business a look your customers will love.

No two business spaces are quite the same, so door protection covers are highly customisable and can be cut to size to suit. Whatever the height and width of your door, our team has the experience to create a design to suit your model of door. We can also include artwork and signage that includes details like your title, phone number, email address or room number.

Some of the available options in door protection includes:

kick plate door protection

  • Half door covers
  • Kick plates
  • Full height covers
  • Wrap-around
  • Inlayed Signage

Safeguard your work space with door protection!

If you work in a hectic environment, you’re simply throwing money away on repairs and maintenance if you don’t install door protection.

Built with high-impact resistant PVC material, door protectors are a one-time investment that will serve your business for years. Along with saving you a bundle in repair costs, they’re easy to maintain and are antibacterial. With a wide range of products and colours available, you’ll be able to find the perfect protective cover for you.

Have questions about door protection? Rootex is your wall and door protection specialist, and we’d love to hear from you. We are the name to remember for door protection in Australia. For more information about our products, to discuss a project or place an order, please get in touch with us today!