Implementing Effective Wall Panels for Durability in Schools

A lot happens during the average school day, and it’s only a matter of time before your wall experiences some collateral damage. While most incidents will be minor issues like scratches, paint chips, and small dents, they will still cost money to repair, and without taking preventative measures, they will be a reoccurring expense. There is also the risk of severe structural damage, which can cost thousands of dollars to repair (more than most schools can budget for).

With so many busy areas in a school — such as hallways, classrooms, eating areas, and more — there is a lot of potential for accidents to happen. Whether it’s a bump from a piece of furniture or kids messing around and things just getting out of hand, wall panels provide an affordable one-time investment that protects your walls from sudden impact. Built from durable materials, wall panels increase the longevity of your building while being easy to maintain.

Wall panels are a strategic investment that will cut down on maintenance costs while keeping your buildings looking great. Installing wall panels in classrooms, hallways, offices, gyms, and other facilities will protect your building’s structural integrity and give you peace of mind that your walls will be safe.

Importance of Durability in School Environments

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Every teacher knows how chaotic a school can get, and staff have enough on their hands without worrying about the walls. Whether it’s the school corridors or the classroom itself, your walls are vulnerable to damage.

A slight bump from a small object can leave scratches, paint damage, or chipping. A major collision can cause dents or, in serious incidents, damage to the structural integrity, which is not only unsightly but also a potential safety hazard.
Whatever the damage, it costs money and time to repair, and without taking preventative measures, it will only be a matter of time before it happens again.

Wall protection is an efficient, cost-effective means of increasing the lifespan of your building and cutting down on repairs and upkeep. Available in a wide range of styles and colours, it’s easy to find panels that will match your current decor or give the place a makeover.

Benefits of Wall Panels for Schools

Reduce Damage to Property

Wall panels provide an impact-resistant barrier to protect walls throughout your school. The walls in your classrooms and facilities will be less vulnerable to scratches, dents, chips, and structural harm.

Extend Life of School Interiors

Each time your wall surface experiences damage, it takes a toll. Wall panels protect against impact and increase the lifespan of your building.

Simplify Maintenance

Wall panels are made from PVC, which is durable and easy to clean. Your learning environment will need fewer repairs and take less time to clean.

Save Money Long-Term

Repairs can be expensive and time-consuming. Wall panels allow you to spend that money on more important things.


PVC is naturally antibacterial and reduces the chances of mould and water damage. It’s ideal for food preparation areas, including cafeterias and kitchens.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Wall panels are available in a variety of colours, designs, and styles, so you can find the perfect wall protection to spruce up your school.


Have a specific design in mind? Want specific colours to reflect your school spirit? Our team can custom-design wall panels to suit your specific requirements. Get in touch to discuss what you have in mind.

Types of Wall Panels Suitable for Schools

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Rootex has a wide range of wall panels to suit the needs and look of your school. Whether you need protection in hallways, classrooms, food preparation, and waiting room areas.

Our wall panels come in a wide range of styles and colours, and even the option to include graphics through our decoprint range. Some of our options for wall protection that would be ideal for your educational institution include:

Installation Process of Wall Panels

Wall panels are designed to maintain your interior design. Therefore, the installation process involves minimal disruption. Adhesive offers a clean installation and eliminates the need for screw holes. It also makes for an easier and quicker install that is more cost-effective.

While it’s possible to install wall panels yourself, there are a wide range of benefits to getting a professional installation. Rootex designs and installs wall protection every day and can ensure your panels are installed properly to guarantee durability.

Our team has worked on a wide range of projects and knows what’s required for any room and surface. With our help, you’ll rest assured knowing your wall panels meet all health and safety regulations and standards.

Maintenance and Cleaning of Wall Panels

Beyond protecting your walls from costly damage, wall panels greatly simplify maintenance requirements. To clean your wall panels, all that is required is warm water, some mild detergent, and a micro-fibre cloth.

Never use bleach, abrasive chemicals, or rough cleaning products (steel wool, scrubbing brushes, etc.), as this can harm the finish of your panels, causing more harm than good.

Though the PVC itself is mould-resistant, organic matter can get stuck to your wall panels, and this contaminant can become mouldy. Therefore, it’s important to remove dirt, debris, and food from your wall panels.

Wall Panels are the Solution to Your School Maintenance Needs!

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The walls in your school are going to experience a lot of impact and wear throughout the day. Without taking preventive measures, this will lead to damage, which will mean money spent on maintenance. Wall protection provides a reliable means of protecting your school facility wall and providing a safe, hygienic environment for your staff and students.

Rootex lives and breathes wall protection. We’ll guide you through the entire process, from listening to your needs to inspecting your area and helping you decide on the perfect design and layout of wall protection for your school.

We also offer corner protection, railings, and other products. Our team has worked on a wide range of projects and understands that every workplace is unique, so we offer personalised advice to suit your school and needs.

Contact our friendly, expert team today for more information on wall panels or to discuss your next project.